Ultimately Essential Oils Top 10 Gift Set Kit 10ml 2 Empty 2 Blend – Highest Quality 100% Pure Therapeutic Frankincense Clary Sage Lavender Peppermint Rosemary Tea Tree Eucalyptus Lemon Orange Oregano

Our suppler is an ISO 9001 certified organization and has a state of the art facility to meet the high standards of international quality parameters of our essential oils.

Thorough auditing is done of our supplier’s quality management system every 6 months by the certified independent external auditors to ensure that only the products of accepted international quality are manufactured & delivered to us to sell to you.

Our supplier’s state of the art facility has advance laboratories having equipment like Gas Chromagraphy Testing Apparatus to meet the demands of in-house processes.

• Tests are conducted on all products to ensure that only superior quality products are produced.
• Laboratory tests are conducted on products for the following certifications:
• Certificate of Analysis
• Gas Chromatography Test
• MSDS Analysis – Besides the above tests, the following steps are taken to ensure the purity and superior quality of our products:
• Raw materials are procured directly from the certified and trusted vendors only.
• Healthy professional relationships have been developed with cultivators on the principles of mutual benefit and respect.
• No pesticides are used to clean their warehouse and it is kept scrupulously clean.
• Their production facility is GMP compliant and only use appliances made of Food Grade Stainless Steel (SS316) to manufacture their products.
• Production equipment and machinery have air tight valves and specially welded joints that prevent any accidental leaching of heavy metals into the oil extracts.
• All these safety measures ensure that quality control is maintained.
Try our Essential Oils either topically and/or by diffusion for 30 days and see if you don’t join all those who have gone before you and fall in love with all they have to offer you.
Be careful, you may become addicted 🙂

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Product Features

  • WHEN QUALITY AND SAFETY ARE A PRIORITY FOR YOUR FAMILY – BUY OUR KIT WITH CONFIDENCE – We have a 100% NO HASSLE ‘Be Happy’ GUARANTEE- Love Your Oils or Return Them – Put the Risk Completely on Us. This sampler pack is perfect for a beginner or seasoned user as well.Our supplier is US based but our oils come from carefully selected farms all over the world. Our sales rep visits these farms regularly to oversee the harvesting and distillation process.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NATURES ULTIMATE GIFT to support the body’s natural process to heal itself homeopathically. OUR OILS ARE COMPLETELY AUTHENTIC HIGHEST QUALITY WILD CRAFTED, meaning that our farmers do not use any sprays – no pesticides, the purity is just about as great as the organic. They only difference is that the non-organic have been raised in soil that has not been treated with organic fertilizer, therefore, they cannot be certified as organic.
  • OUR OILS ARE ALL NATURAL, NO ADDITIVES, BASES OR CARRIERS. Our oils are never chemically altered or synthetically modified. Our supplier is a leader in the essential oils industry sourcing oils from over 30 farmers, and have been distilling exporting essential oils from indigenous locations for over 35 years. We work hand in hand from grassroots levels with our farmers developing a sustainable commercial supply of high quality essential oils
  • USES INCLUDE AROMATHERAPY (Diffuse with a diffuser to to quickly create the atmosphere you need),, compress, massage w/ carrier oil, Use topically for any number of ailments – The list of uses is endless. A summarized chart of each oil’s uses is included in our downloadable user guide. Oils also provide ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE CLEANING PRODUCTS
  • DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK WITH USER’S GUIDE & RECIPIES TO BLEND – AVAILABLE UPON PURCHASE. Create your own blends with the two extra bottles we give you. The more you buy, the more you save. Check out our discounts below.