FragranceBodyOilz Impression of Gucci Guilty by Gucci (Roll On) for Men Premium Hypoallergenic Cologne Body Oil, Affordable Generic Version (1/3 oz)

Do you like the scent Gucci Guilty??? You’ll LOVE our impression! FBO creates high quality 100% PURE perfume body oils inspired by popular fragrances. We have perfected our formula to ensure every bottle we sell smells just as great as the designer counterpart. Our products are hypoallergenic without any additives or diluents. Unlike many leading designer colognes that are made up of as much as 80% alcohol, which quickly evaporates, taking the scent with it, our fragrances are 100% natural oil, leaving you smelling great ALL day long. No need for mid-day touch-ups! Note: FBO competes with the designer brands. It does not use their fragrances and is not associated in any way with the designer brands or their manufacturers.

Product Features

  • •All Natural and Long-lasting
  • •100% pure fragrance oil – zero alcohol added
  • •Travel size, convenient, easy storage & concealment
  • •Inspired by designer fragrance